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Fan maintenance personnel precautions

In order to avoid the occurrence of human failure due to improper maintenance, to prevent the fan and the electrical aspects of the natural failure and accidents, so as to give full play to the performance of equipment to extend the service life of the equipment must be strengthened fan maintenance.

Fan maintenance personnel must pay attention to the following points:
1, only in the fan equipment under normal circumstances can be run.
2, such as fan equipment in the maintenance after the start, you need to pay attention to whether the normal parts of the fan.
3, regularly remove the fan and gas pipeline inside the dust, dirt and water and other impurities, and to prevent corrosion.
4, the repair of the fan equipment, not allowed in the operation.

The precautions required for normal operation of the fan are as follows:
1, such as the flow is too large, do not meet the requirements, or a short time need a smaller flow, you can use the throttle device to adjust.
2, the sensitivity of the thermometer and oil standard regularly checked, and should control the bearing tank oil level within the allowable range.
3, in the fan of the car, parking or operation process, if found abnormal phenomenon, should imtely check.
4, the inspection found a small fault, should promptly identify the reasons, try to eliminate or deal with, such as small failure can not be eliminated, or found a big fault, should imtely check.
5, in addition to each repair, should be replaced with lubricating oil, but also regularly replace the oil.
6, the E-type drive bearing should be regularly (quarterly) inspection, cleaning and additional lubricants to prevent bearing burned.
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