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The role of centrifugal fans in cooling towers

Centrifugal fans are one of many fans, but it can be said to be the most widely used machine in the field because it can meet the stringent requirements for fan use in many areas.
Like in the cooling tower in the position of this fan is relatively high, not other types of fans can be replaced. We may not be very concerned about this building for the cooling tower, do not know what kind of building is a kind of. In fact, in each power plant has such a building, that is, we usually see the power plant chimney.
This chimney is the cooling tower, the reason is called the cooling tower, because it played a role in the cooling, then it is in the process of work need to use the centrifugal fan, many people may ask, chimney So big a cooling tower, the use of this small centrifugal fan on the line?
Centrifugal fan manufacturers of workers that is not all parts of the chimney need to use the centrifugal fan, the centrifugal fan only in the bottom of the cooling tower can be used, if the various parts of the chimney need to use this machine, then How many centrifugal fans are needed. But for the centrifugal fan power requirements are very large, be sure to be able to enter the chimney air volume can play a very good cooling effect.
This makes this power, the input air volume is more impressive centrifugal fan has been useless, the reason why ordinary fans can not be used in this area because of such a reason. Centrifugal fan special fan structure, so that it is less power in the fan and it can be compared, in the fan industry is a well-known power, air volume.
That is because of these two advantages, it was applied in such an industry sector, it can be said that centrifugal fans for the city's power supply industry has made outstanding contributions.
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