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Brief overview of the fan

Fan is the abbreviation of gas compression and gas transportation machinery in China. Generally speaking, the fans include: ventilators, blowers, wind turbines. Gas compression and gas transport machinery is the conversion of mechanical energy into gas pressure energy and kinetic energy, and the gas transported out of the machinery.

The main structural components of the fan are impeller, chassis, air inlet, bracket, motor, pulley, coupling, silencer, transmission (bearing) and so on.

The non-power ventilator is the use of natural wind and indoor and outdoor temperature difference caused by air convection, to promote the rotation of the turbine to use the centrifugal force and negative pressure effect will be indoor fresh hot air discharge.

Fan related to the system of energy transmission and distribution, building energy is a very critical part. According to the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for many years the fan test shows that many fans in the rated operating conditions are problems, so the need to strictly in accordance with product standards require the production and manufacture of fans.

The fan at the beginning of the work of the bearing parts of the vibration is very small, but with the running time lengthened, the fan dust will be unevenly attached to the impeller, and gradually destroy the dynamic balance of the fan, the bearing vibration gradually increased, once the vibration reaches the fan When the maximum permissible value is 11mm / s (the maximum allowable value is indicated by the amplitude value), the fan must be shut down to repair (to clear the dust accumulation and to re-move the balance). Because this time is already very dangerous, users must not be forced to use. In the fan vibration close to the dangerous value, there will be vibration alarm instrument will be alarm.
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